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In this post I want to illustrate some tips which can help you to improve your Blog on any platform to design a professional layout for your blog. There are a lot of platforms to host your blog and customize, more skilled people can host Blog on private hosting or on their own. The smallest and extreme experts which I belong to have their own custom platform and design. Most popular blogs have a number of blog design elements in common. Learn about the most important blog design Tips your blog must have in order to have a chance at success. This is the common tips which can be applied to any blog. Later I`ll post tips to make Technical Blog useful and valuable. Read These Tips To Make Your Blog Like Professional.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Steve Jobs

Make Your Blog Comfortable For Readers

That’s mean the fonts you choose should be large enough to be read on high resolution monitors, and they should be simple enough to be legible. In other words, don't choose a highly stylized font. Stick with Georgia, Verdana or another Web-friendly font. Personally as you see I prefer Open Sans. Also, make sure the text on your blog is easy to scan quickly. Clean blog design make your blog comfortable for your readers to read and see the blog content as long as they want. A good look blog design increase the number of your blog visitors/readers.

Choosing Of Font Style & Colors

Try to use as less variety of fonts as possible. Always use simple and plain fonts that every lay man visiting your blog will easily understand the whole content of your page. Only use bold and Italic cases in dire need. Different font color may also be applied to the hyperlinked text. The underline should only be used for Hyperlinks and the text will only be underlined on mouse over event.

Make Your Blog Logo Impressive

If you want that your blog looks professional then design a cool and awesome looking logo for your blog. For making a professional logo I suggest you to use Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw any one on which you feel handy (any version of your interest). You can also use simple or plain text with attractive font style to make your blog Title. Different superb, stylish and state of the art fonts can be chosen free of cost for your blog title from Google Web Font Directory.

Designing Header And Footer

Header and footer represent 80% of your blog design. Instead of putting just copyright content in footer, you should also use Social Sharing, Your Logo and may also be Recent Posts Widgets in your footer section. It will make your footer super cool. When people can't find what they're looking for on your blog, they often scroll to the footer to find blog-wide links such as a contact us links, site map link, and so on. I suggest to use images as header and footer background instead of solid background color.

Easy Navigation

Make it easy for visitors to find your content. Don't hinder their visit by using interstitial ads or splash pages. In other words, don't give them a chance to click away from your blog when they land on it. Your Navigation Menu should be designed to display a complete summary of your whole blog.

Use Professional Images On Your Blog

Only plain text content is not good for your blog. In blog, you should add unique and attractive images in your post. Images can enhance the look of your blog but only if you use sharp with light weight and close concern with your post. Your images should give a close picture of your post. A header can be made more impressive with the use of an image portraying the whole theme of your blog. Header image should be clear enough to read and sharp enough to understand. Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw can be used as per your choice and experty.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Friendly

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays an important role to words improving the number of visitors on your blog. It is the best and one of the important part of your blog. For different Search Engines we have different steps to get maximum optimization. Having Search Engine Friendly Navigation basically means creating a structure that search engines can follow. A major culprit in search engines not being able to find a website is due to the links being images instead of text. So make sure your links should be in plain text. Tip to make your Blog more popular is out of this post.

Choosing A Right Template For Your Blog If You Can’t Develop Your Own

The most perfect thing is design your own template. But if you’re not skilled with template development you can find a great number of free template designers. That can help, guide and even give you the whole template only for the cost of a simple link at the bottom of your blog. Some of these designer can be found on internet. We Searching Best Designer Websites on internet.

Successful Way Of Content Writing

At last I recommend to be as simple as you can in your writing. Your words should be as simple as only a simple man with little knowledge of the topic under discussion would have enough knowledge after reading your content. All of your content should be brief and to the point extra and unnecessary detail should be avoided at any cost. Originality of your content is the most important ingredients of your blog. I know you thinking right know, why I am saying this? Answer to the above question is that all the above referred details are the key to success in achieving maximum number of visitors at your blog. This is just a humble attempt to contribute a little knowledge, that I have, to all the visitors, but this is not the all, We recommend you to read more and more and so on.

And NO Ads, NO Ads minimum at the time your blog is not popular. But honestly I am not a fan of ads at all. There are a lot of other ways to convert but this topic is out of this post too.

Thanks for Reading our post. Happy Blogging!

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